Autimo: Art Direction and Branding 

Autimo specializes in Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration and DevOps with an emphasis on automation and education. The aim is to deliver services and support to medium and large enterprise clients, who are looking to accelerate cloud implementation, develop their own competencies or just need an extra helping hand.

Autimo can help rapidly develop businesses, not just in capability but also the means to generate a true competitive advantage and liberate them from mundane and repetitive tasks and process.
Microsoft design, natural lighting, iridescent, translucent, soft edges, belonging to one ecosystem
A clean infrastructure

The main goal when delivering the briefing for Autimo was that their identity needed to showcase simplicity, ease of use and natural application to any system.
Early Exploration
light materials 
An optimistic, conversational, and thoughtful tone

The main focus of the visual design is to create soft natural light with data networking technology. Mixed in with beautiful geometric shapes, reflections and refractions, complexity is simplified.
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