Daily Dreaming: Waterfalls
About the project
Small animation that belongs to a series of small scenes that are in the middle of nowhere featuring an oasis of nature. This project intends to bring some delight and joy to people when they stumble upon here. 

Meant to be a seemless loop... almost there! 
Some earlier screenshots of the project. Mostly made notes on a render and added to the longer list in sticky notes. Last image is of the another 'Daily Dreaming' animation. Have to take out some time to complete all the frame by frame animation. 

Most assets in this scene were built in C4D, even though originally I had planned on making all the foliage in AE. After a couple of iterations I decided to create all the foliage in C4D as splines and used redshift tag to render as lines and a bend to animate them. The pond is a simple glass material with dispersion and IOR creating the iridescent FX. All the wavy misty lines are shapes with noise and blurs AE. 

Scene in C4D. Waterfalls is set up with cloner and splinewrap. Animated to repeat. CU of bend on foliage. 
Rendered passes in AE
compositing layers in AE
Color correction and compositing misty gradient strokes.
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